SOUND DESIGNER | eta Creative Arts Foundation

Juneteenth Street by Reginald Edmund

Comfort Stew by Angela Jackson 

227 The Play by Christine Houston

Dowager Daughters of Transcendence by Cheryl Hall

Legend of Buster Neal by Jackie Alexander

Lines in the Dust  by Nikkole Salter

COSTUME & SOUND DESIGNER | eta Creative Arts Fdn

The Underground Railroad by Osa Buchner

Sounds of Blackness by Tanya & Talibah Mance

It Shoudda Been Me by Dr. Doriane Miller

Hip Hop Aesop III                     

SOUND DESIGNER | Halcyon Theatre | Alcyone Festival

· Tiny Dynamite

· Pancho Villa

· Dianna Dobsons


Sound Engineer | Women’s Voices Radio | WAER, FM-Jazz 89